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who we are

about us

shockers baseball is a 3rd year travel baseball program based out of genoa city, wi. we offer a competitive year-round baseball experience for every player that comes through our doors. through our goal-oriented training regiment, we are able to build not only high-level baseball players, but strong-willed individuals that are ready for life after high school. 


our mission

through the use of progressions and goal-based training, we strive to help each player reach their full potential. our coaching staff is comprised of current and former college players that understand the importance of consistency and attention to detail. the facility isn't just a place to come and grow as a player, it provides an encouraging and productive environment for our athletes to build relationships and feel as comfortable as possible. 

our vision

baseball is hard as it is. understanding that there's no need to make it more difficult, in understanding that, we are able to encourage our players to get better every day. each and every player on our teams has untapped potential that we are dedicated to getting out of them, and the mutual understanding of that helps us do just that. 

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